July 2, 2016

Thank you Josh Arentz for putting together this amazing show in Sydney on July 2nd at the Valve Bar.  We will match the $600 raised on the night and donate a combined total of $1200 to the Australian Children's Music Foundation.  The Australian Children's Music Foundation provides free, long term music programs and instruments to disadvantaged and indigenous children across Australia, inspiring creativity and imagination while nurturing self-esteem and confidence. Thank you to all the amazing musicians on this bill. 


April 25, 2016

Rory Koff, Dave Nassie, Matt Riddle and Scott Shiflett will play with various friends of the band at a special show at the Groezrock Festival in Belgium this weekend. The band hits the stage at 10:20 PM on Saturday April 30. The story is here.



12/31/2015 We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. As we sign out for the year we just wanted to thank everyone who has donated their time, efforts and money towards getting the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids up and running. We set out with the goal to support kids music education by donating funds from projects done in Tony's honor. In this spirit it was a pleasure to work with the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp for their annual end of year appeal. For the campaign we pledged to match contributing funds up to $4000. We raised this amount to $5000 once we realized the contributions were outdoing the match. All in all the end of year appeal brought in $10,849! These funds will help empower more than 20 young girls to learn an instrument, find their voice or even form their own band. To learn more about our partner organization BAGRC and how you can get involved you can go here: Bay Area Girls Rock Camp  Happy New Year and thank you!

This year we are partnering with the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp by matching funds up to $4000 for their End of Year Appeal. If we can reach this matched total of $8000 this would send 16 girls through the program in 2016! Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is a nonprofit organization that empowers girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and teamwork. BAGRC challenges gender stereotypes, encourages collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provides a comfortable space for people of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through music lessons, workshops, group activities and performance, girls acquire skills that help guide them throughout their lives. Donate here: https://bos.etapestry.com/fundraiser/BayAreaGirlsRockCamp/2015/donate.do

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The original mission statement of this foundation was to promote and support children's music education through projects dedicated in Tony's honor.This week we will have some special announcements around fulfilling that mission. We got to this point with the encouragement and support of many. Tony touched a lot of you reading this through his words, music, character and humanity. We wanted to give special thanks to some people that have gone above and beyond in the last year or so.

The last two years David Grimson of In A Row Promotions in Melbourne Australia has put together Via Melbourne a Tribute to Tony and a fundraiser for our foundation. Its been a massive success in both 2014 and 2015.Thank you also to Ramshackle Army, Suicide Tuesdays, 51 Percent, Jay Wars, Tim Hampshire, Secondhand Squad, Coffin Wolf, Postscript, Bombs are Falling,Josh Arentz and David Weir for playing and putting together this year's show. Also special thanks to Dan Barkley and all at PunkRock Radio for help with promotion.

Next up where would this foundation be without the amazing Never Forget Tony Sly shirts that were distributed all over the world? Thank you to Jonny Wilson and his mates in the Hook-Line Riot for all your efforts with the T-shirts and the hoodies. You guys donated more than $4000 to the foundation with your shirt sales..and just as importantly made "Never Forget Tony Sly" a global statement of remembrance for his fans. We will never forget your efforts. Thank you!

Lastly, we can't say enough about Daniel Bubert and Anthony Ciandella of the band Lowbrow and all the work they did getting 20 different musicians together to record Tony's songs for the Best Regards compilation. This pay your own price download generated $2500 for the foundation. Its an amazing piece of work with contributions from Chris Shearer and Charley Arents, Brian Lee, Mike Ledonne, Sunny Jim Brown, Jenn Fiorentino, Josh Ralphie Schneider, Mathew Clayton Turek, Paul Teel, Aaron Peters, Christopher Bolter, Adrian Saylor, Joe Treister, Kevin Skalba, Joel Cuzzi, Dan Gardner, Matt Salkeld, Jared Stinson and a late entry from Dylan Blanton. Thank you all, it is such a great record.

Its Thanksgiving this week, and we are thankful that Tony touched your lives in a meangingful way and that you have helped us keep his spirit alive.

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