March 8, 2017

We are so happy to support St.Pauli Rock'n'Roll Kids with $1000. This organization helps kids coming from difficult backgrounds by offering them a free music education program. The last two years the program has welcomed many children coming from refugee backgrounds. The goal of the program is to help these kids become integrated into local society through music.

A short overview of highlights:

- 50-70 kids attend the open and free music program a week 
- Annual Kids and Youth Rock Festival in St. Pauli 
- School for Rock program integrated into Hamburg schools
- St. Pauli Rock Kids participate in a European exchange program

Special thanks to Manuel North and Jennie of Bad Cop/Bad Cop for working on the excellent tribute that raised these funds.



December 29, 2016

Thanks to San Jose punk band INFM we were able to donate $500 to San Diego based Guitars in the Classroom. The boys in INFM donated their time and efforts to a Tony inspired tribute night December 3rd at San Jose's Caravan Lounge. Founded in 1998, Guitars in the Classroom provides free music integration classes for educators and school staff working with children of all ages in educational settings. GITC show teachers how to make music,lead music for learning and how to write songs with students in order to enhance and deepen their learning experience in every subject area. Participants also learn how to select or create songs that fit into the lessons they plan to teach. 


December 12, 2016

On December 2, 2016, a fire broke out in a warehouse in Oakland, known as Ghost Ship that had been converted into an artist collective. 36 people lost their lives. Gray Area is a non-profit collecting donations to provide support to those affected by the tragic fire by creating programs designed for long term impact and community renewal. As a foundation committed to the artist community we wanted to help in any way we could. 


August 2, 2016

David Grimson did it again, putting on the Via Melbourne Tony Sly Tribute show for the 3rd year in a row. Grimson played in the July 30 show and also pulled together a stellar line up that included: Nerdlinger, Pitt The Elder, The Lizards, The Suicide Tuesdays, Jay Wars and the Howard Youth, Daybreak,The Beggars Way, Northwood, Jo Neugebauer and Tim Hampshire. The show at Reverence Hotel in Footscray earned $750 AUD which we are proud to match and send $1500 AUD to the  Australian Children's Music Foundation. Thank you to all that came out on the night.


. . viamelbourne

July 18, 2016

On Saturday 2 July 2016 a group of Australian punk bands and acoustic acts and their fans rocked out at Sydney’s Valve Bar at the Agincourt Hotel for a very worthy cause – giving underprivileged kids a chance to learn and enjoy music through the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF).

Sydney musician Josh Arentz organised the mini-festival show to celebrate the life of Tony Sly (No Use for A Name) in the month of the anniversary of Tony’s passing. In the lead up to the event Josh spoke with Tony’s brother Jonathan who offered, on behalf of the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids, to match the money raised at the Sydney gig to donate to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

“We raised $800 at the show which turned into $1600 thanks to the Tony Sly Music Foundation,” said Josh Arentz. “The bands and acoustic acts donated their time and expertise. Everyone who came contributed to an awesome time and enabled us to support an amazing cause. We couldn’t be more stoked with the result. Rad!”

A massive thanks goes to:

  • Acts: Chris Duke & The Royals, Wasters, Batfoot, Revellers, Ivan Drago, 51percent, Essem, Laura Mardon, Yvette Vials, Spencer Scott, Andy Mac, Angus & Julia Stoned, Antonia Susan, Nothing Rhymes With David and Josh Arentz.
  • Posters: Tim Hampshire and Adam Collins
  • Video: Morgan, Punk Rock Radio
  • Promotion: The Aussie Punk Scene
  • Venue: Greg, The Valve Bar (Agincourt Hotel)
  • The Sly family (Jonathan, Brigitte, Fiona and Keira Sly)
  • Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids

Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids

The Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids (USA) helps support music education for children through projects dedicated in Tony’s honour. It was founded by the Sly family after Tony Sly passed away in 2012.

The Aussie Punk Scene

The Aussie Punk Scene is a Facebook page established by Josh Arentz in 2013. The online forum enables punk bands and fans to help each other and create stronger national and local scenes.

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