12/31/2015 We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. As we sign out for the year we just wanted to thank everyone who has donated their time, efforts and money towards getting the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids up and running. We set out with the goal to support kids music education by donating funds from projects done in Tony's honor. In this spirit it was a pleasure to work with the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp for their annual end of year appeal. For the campaign we pledged to match contributing funds up to $4000. We raised this amount to $5000 once we realized the contributions were outdoing the match. All in all the end of year appeal brought in $10,849! These funds will help empower more than 20 young girls to learn an instrument, find their voice or even form their own band. To learn more about our partner organization BAGRC and how you can get involved you can go here: Bay Area Girls Rock Camp  Happy New Year and thank you!