I didn't have the chance to meet Tony. But he is an important person in my life.I remember when i heard for the first time to NoUse, i loved them with their album Hard Rock Bottom and then i started to search more NUFAN music. I was listening to all their albums one single night and i said, "they rules!I started a Street Team for No Use in my country Mexico. I wanted to meet them, Tony, Rory, Matt and Dave. And see them live here in Mexico City. I did my best to contact Tony and he answered me saying: I would love it to go to Mexico!Over the weeks and months later we were talking about their new album "The Feel Good Record of the Year" and the chance to bring NoUse to México. So i did a website for our team NUFAN MEXICO. Then Tony created a myspace bulletin, sharing our website to helps us and bring them here.  (The link and website doesnt work already)Time later, i got his personal email, thanks to Mike Leonard that at the time he was their touring manager. And i started to talk with him so many times, about his thoughts of his first solo record. We never had a chance to bring NUFAN to Mexico, but i remember how amazing Tony was with me when we had a conversation.His music changed my life absolutely, i was in shock and crying like a child when i saw at the fatwreck website about his death.Thank You for the great memories when we talked Tony.You will be in my heart forever and in your music.Never Forgotten, always remembered.-Gio Sly from Mexico.

Sorry for my bad english, im from south america. "It's too late to talk to you and it's too soon to say goodbye." A few month ago  i heard about a new no use for  a name southamerican tour, and i was so happy, for the first time would see one of my favourite bands, cause in the previous 2 visits i was too young to go (Im from a little town in the south of chile and go to the capitol city are 12 hours traveling). Days after, i heard about the tour again and theres no dates in chile... thats was soo sad but i say "come on, its not the first time that they came, its not gonna be the last time." but it was...  August 1st... i woke up earlier than usual, cassualy i sleept with my no use for a name hoodie the last night, i open my laptop and i just cried... the first thought i have after that was "but without you my life is incomplete my days are absolutely gray" sound cliché, but for me was never so meaningfull... "I can't even think of words to match the way I'm feeling ,I don't even think a book could say enough for you" . I was never so shocked up with the passing of some artist, but tony was diferent, he gave an awesome chilhood and youth, he changed my life with albums like "leche con carne", "more betternes", "making friends", etc. One of the biggest musicians, songwriter, poet ever that ever exist in punk and hardcore music. "Listen wherever you may be, you still live inside my mind. Something tells me that you are free again, in a place that feels like home. It's never easy to understand why memories hold our hand when people let go"   ps: i have a melodic hardcore band, my dream since i was a little boy, cause i grew up with bands like lagwagon, millencolin, bad religion and of course nufan, and his name is "Primero de agosto" (august first) in memoriam of tony sly (:  

As a freelance photographer, I was fortunate to meet Tony along with the rest of NUFAN sometime back in 2003 at The LA2 beneath the Astoria in London, England.


All of the guys showed a great deal of trust in me from the very beginning, allowing me to shoot not only onstage, but back in the dressing room too.  Though I found Tony to be the quiet one, he clearly had a great sense of humour which certainly helped to put me at easy initially.  Over several years I covered their shows, from huge sellout London venues to the tiny sweatpit of Rock City in Nottingham.  My efforts culminated in the offer of a promo shoot, again in London which along with several other photos was eventually published as the centre of the cd booklet for their album “All The Best Songs,” of which I am still extremely proud and forever grateful.


I have so many fantastic memories of my times spent with Tony and NUFAN, one particular time I felt I saw a different side to him was when he met up with family members backstage in Birmingham, England.  He was clearly very relaxed and enjoying having his picture taken with them.  His personality truly lifted the mood in that dressing room and I can still feel the admiration for him, as well as the joker in him, through those photos.


They say you should never meet your idols.  In the case of Tony Sly, this statement could not be further from the truth. 


Thank you Tony, for your kindness and for being supportive of my photography  -Scott Cole  

I originally met tony in 2008 on the no use australian tour, I was fortunate enough to hang out with him, Kristen and it was either rory or dave on a few occasions, I was able too keep in contact and met the guys the following year at the bottom of the hill in san francisco, as always they were really nice and seemed genuinely pleased to see me again! fast forward to 2010 and tony is playing punk rock bowling in Vegas, I remember rushing from the hotel room to catch his set, I arrived midsong and afterwards the first thing he says is "this guys from Australia" and points at me and starts talking about me and then starts chatting to me and asks if i will be seeing him in Australia! It really made me feel good and I had the best afternoon/night as got to meet so many great people because of that, two weeks later Joey and Tony were back in Australia, doing an acoustic tour, again tony started talking about me on stage, as did joey, was truly an amazing night, really meant alot to me that tony remembered me and said all those kind things about me! you'll be missed tony! and thanks for drinking with me on those occasions and making me laugh and being brutally honest as well and showing people that you were human like everybody else!

The first time I met Tony, I got arrested.

It had to be 1987. My brother, Pete, told me to meet him and his friends later on that night, up at the quarry in the mountains near where we grew up. It was Steve Papoutsis, John Meyers and myself (all original guys in No Use). When we arrived around 11 pm, my brother and 6 or 7 of his friends where already there. Pete introduced me to a few guys and one of them was Tony Sly. Tony had driven them up to the quarry in this old Toyota Celica named ‘Steve.’ I think one of his brothers gave him the car, and funny enough, I do not even think Tony had a license, just a driving permit. The car did not have a hood over the engine and was just a pile of junk, the kind you would be embarrassed to be seen driving in.    

When we arrived at the quarry, there was an overlook on top of a 40 foot cliff. On top of the cliff was this large tube about 6 feet tall and 20 feet long. It was hanging over the cliff, and my brother Pete & Tony were throwing firecrackers into the tube. This resulted in not a normal firecracker sound, but a giant ‘BOOM’ that echoed throughout the quarry. They continued to keep the firecrackers coming… it was funny and loud, but finally Steve Papoutsis said “you guys better stop or the cops are going to come!” Not letting Steve ruin the party, they laughed and picked up the intensity.

After another 30 minutes of large booms and subsequent echos… out of nowhere in the dark of the night, we hear a loud yell: “Everyone, hands in the air and drop to the ground!” Next thing I knew I was tackled by a large body to the ground. I could hardly see, but from what I could tell, the same thing was happening to Steve and John right next to me. At that moment I realized it was the police! Tony, Pete, and the rest of their gang scrambled away in every direction. I had been caught by surprise and hadn’t had the chance to run. The policemen had snuck up on us in the middle of the night in complete darkness.

The cops are pissed off and ask, “Where are the guns?!*?” One of us says, “There are no guns, just some kids lighting off firecrackers and they ran off!" The cops looked for the guns and found nothing. Meanwhile I was handcuffed face down in the dirt. They said, “We are arresting you for trespassing and for disturbing the peace. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to remain silent…” We tried to reason with the cops, but they wouldn’t have it. They were pissed off and were not going to leave empty-handed. After all, they did have to hike all the way up into the hills in the middle of the night!

The 3 of us, in hand-cuffs, were thrown into the back of the police car and taken down to the police station. After booking us, they let us go on our own. We had to walk 4-5 miles back to my dad’s house. My dad was out of town for the month so Steve was staying with me. All we would do was play and listen to music. My brother was living with my mom at the time, so he broke into my father’s house. When we arrived at 4 in the morning, I found Pete, Tony, and all of their friends crashed all over the place and all the food in the house was gone!

The next morning, upon awakening, we reminisced on the events of the evening before. For the first time I got to see everyone in the daylight. It sucked that us ‘innocents’ took the hit for my little brother, Tony and their friends, but we all had a good laugh anyways! Tony and I proceeded to talk about music, and I found out that he played the guitar. My brother interjected that Tony was a good guitar player and that the two of them were playing music together at my mom’s place. I passed this information on to Steve and John. Funny enough, we were looking for a new guitar player…Tony agreed saying ‘I LOVE PLAYING MUSIC’ and the rest is history.

Tony- I really miss you, and it has only been a few days…Thank you for all you have done for me, taught me, the precious time we have spent together through great times, bad times and everything-in-between. You have always been like a brother to me, a really funny guy, creative, smart, dedicated, focused, and a great friend. You will be truly missed… Rory Koff  

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