"Hey, what does that writing on your arm say?" Thats generally what people ask when they see my tattoos. amongst all the skulls, birds, stars roses and flames, one small script stands out amongst the rest. I first heard No Use For A Name on an inline skate video around 1996 with the song 'Fatal Flu' on one of the opening sections. the song had me hooked, but before the days of online shopping and with the lack of non chart-related cds in my local record store, i'd have to wait till around 1999 before my local HMV would stock Leche Con Carne so that I could feed my No Use For A Name fix. Fast forward to 2005 and I was about to see No Use for the first time. I remember queuing for the venue and seeing Dave Nassie casually walk across the street with some take-out coffees, I was star struck. I remember being in the venue and seeing Rory and Matt wandering around with a beer as though they were also fans waiting to see the band play... a very surreal experience. The gig was everything i expected and more, the guys were great and they sounded awesome - but you already knew that. When the gig came to a close, i was lucky enough to meet most of the guys and pose for the ultimate fan-photo and got to chat to them about missed gigs in the past, and our 400 mile round trip to come see them. But it was when I asked Tony to sign the entry ticket that I was presented with an oppurtuity too good to pass up. When he was done doing the obligitory signings, i asked him if he would be so kind as to write the lyrics, "victim of societys incurable disease, the fatal flu" on my arm... he duly obliged and we shared the history of the song and how I came to know the band. I Immediately covered my arm in kitchen roll and made my way home. The very next morning I awoke hoping that the ink had not faded or smudged, but I was in luck. I headed to the nearest tattoo parlour i could find and had Tony's handwritten lyrics tattood on my arm. So when people ask, "what does that writing say?" I fondly recall the time I met the lead singer of my favourite band, and how he wrote the lyrics to my favourite song on my arm and how I have a piece of Tony on me forever. As a side story, I emailed Rory a few weeks later as he was in charge of the photos section on their site. I told him the story and sent him the pictures and he insited we (myself and my arm!) head on down to their next UK gig where he would put us on the VIP guest list for the gig. I saw the band twice more after that, and as always they nailed it.