Tony and Aaron

Songs age in the same manner of a story being told. Like a tale passed from generation to generation a song’s lyrics often take on new meanings and interpretations. I have recently been watching videos of the One Week Records tour in Europe. Yotam Ben Horin has a new song called Tony Sly that he plays in tribute to his friend, and in the song he uses a lot of Tony inspired phrases and melody. Yotam has also been playing Tony’s Feels Like Home as part of his set. Feels Like Home was a song Tony wrote about one of his best friends from childhood, Aaron Villalba. Aaron passed away in 2001. The song kicked off the Hard Rock Bottom album that came out in 2002 and was often the opener for the No Use set on the Warped tour that year. In typical Tony fashion he was understated and respectful about the song’s subject and never really identified who the song was about. I had a pretty good idea it was about Aaron and when I asked him about it, he just kind of nodded and said yes. The song really encapsulates so much of the way we all feel when we lose someone close to us. Unfortunately, I have now heard it played at several memorial services including Tony’s. It was at that service that I told Aaron’s parents the song was actually written for him. Thinking about that moment now sends me back into the shock that both those beautiful kids are gone. Both of them gone way too soon. I think the song helps to bring solace to the mourning in some small way. It is not an answer to all the questions, but leaves us with a hope for a place that feels like home.